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Web presence of your brand or business is not just an identity anymore. To have a clear focus that combines all aspects of your design and elements to a common goal, one need to think of it strategically.


We are confident that we can fuse your organizational goal with every aspect of your web design or development process.


At the heart of every great business, lies its identity. The identify that strengthen and manages the perception of your brand. Your brand encourages confidence and trust in your product or service. Now the real question is, with the technology pushing its way through, how will you create and manage your business identity on the web?


Maintaining consistency of your identity is vital to your overall branding.


In a world that is getting more and more connected with technology, having your identity online has become more of a need for your business. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, a web presence is vital for your business to ensure every customer is able to access the product or service you offer.


Now the real problem only arises once you take the decision to build your online presence. Do you really understand how web technologies work? From responsive web designing to using a content management system (CMS), what does your web presence ask for?


As most of us think, web designing is not an art anymore. It involves way more different skills from copyrighting, to designing to even strategic thinking.


Sometimes even finding a right web designing company with impressive portfolio or overseas freelance designers wouldn’t guarantee you a web presence that achieves successful results.


Most business owners undervalue their time spent collaborating with the designers and yet fail to weave the organization's goal into the design process. The solution is strategic web designing.


Unlike other design process, strategic web designing fuses your organization's goals in every aspect of the design process. When you strategically design your website, you are not simply designing an interface that strikes an impression but one that will achieve the set goals of your business within the design.


Strategic web designing requires focused and intelligent design solutions to create that interface that fit the function of the website or the business behind it.


At TransBee, we will help you establish your goal first. We will help you identify the goals that you are trying to achieve with the new website or redesign. We will together knock down the main purpose of the website and craft an aesthetic interface that serves a function.


Our design will be aimed at fulfilling the goal while sporting the latest trends in design while it is usable and accessible to the intended users. The design and development of your website will be crafted to impart the right emotions and feelings that your brand communicates.


Our web strategic designing service is the result of our expertise in being able to push our design solutions to match our clients’ website goals. We are confident to resonate your business identity to the web, with faster design iteration and optimized web production.

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