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How many unused hours can I accumulate over a period of time? Are there any restrictions on continuously accumulated unused hours from month to month?


* - We do not have any hard and fast rule or restrictions on how many hours you are allowed to accumulate over a period of time. However on the best interest of our customers we will pro-actively recommend you to downgrade your plan hours depending upon the status of your current accumulated hours.


Who all can use these services when we sign up as a business?


We like to keep things simple, when you sign up with us for transforming your business growth; anyone at your organization or partners can use our services. Your team members from across organizational boundaries can utilize our services against the hours you subscribe to.


Any long term commitment?


Our work is our commitment for your business. We don’t need you to get into any long-term commitment with us. You just pay us in advance on a monthly basis for your plan. You can discontinue our service anytime by just giving us a 20 day’s notice.


What’s with the Podio Collaborative workspace?


Podio is online collaboration and project management tool. At Transbee, we create a collaborative  environment using Podio to work with you and your team.


Think of Podio workspaces as a place where you can monitor, assign and have direct visibility and control on how your project and deliverables are executed. With this workspace, you and your team members will get to assign new projects and deliverables, see the status and keep all project/deliverables specific communications and results in one place. Moreover, you get access to the hours billed and everything remains transparent on how your hours are consumed.

How do I choose the best plan that works for my business?


Talk to our small business experts and we will discuss in details about the different activities you could outsource to us. We will then boil it down to total hours per week you might want to start with. Multiply that out by four and we will recommend the plan that best suits your outsourcing needs.


We always recommend you to start with smaller plans and evaluate our service first. Try us out first and witness the Transbee difference. We always strive to offer the best of our services at affordable pricing for everyone and for every service we offer.


How do I discontinue the service or request a cancellation?


Just send us an email intimating us about your cancellation request by sending us an email to Being a growing business, we insist a 20 days’ notice period before any cancellation. We take cancellations very seriously in order to learn from your feedback and concerns.


What happens to my unused hours on discontinuing or plan cancellation?


Even after you discontinue or cancel your plan membership, you could still utilize your unused hours by consuming any of our services within the next 60 days from cancellation.


How do I get a single point of contact for all my work?


All subscribers to monthly pre-paid plans get a single point of contact for all your work according to your own preference. Some of our customers like to keep multiple project managers with varied experience to seek assistance at different activity level of their business.


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