Project Management

We understand the importance of setting and achieving attainable goals. Managing resources with different functional expertise or discrete in availability and directing them towards a single goal becomes a bit challenging for most organizations.


Our team will help you organize resources and people to make sure your project finishes on time, stays within the budget and most importantly meets the requirements of your business.


The success or failure of projects determines the hopes and dreams of small business and startup's across the world. Unlike other, small business and startups are more required to effectively manage projects within the set time and budget. Despite having fewer resources, you are required to meet the stakeholder’s needs and also scrutinized by looking at whether the milestones are reached on time and on budget.


For many, successful project management requires the founders to wear many hats. You would be required to run parallel projects, facilitate smooth communication, make sound estimates and even hold hands.


A lot of meticulous planning goes behind the successful projects, yet small business are pushed to hurry from milestones. You are responsible to figure out how to overcome the unexpected and most importantly steer the project back on track.


Sometimes, finding the right project management method will enable you to add more value to the project goals considering the less structured, small business environment.


You will need to use tools that simplify collaboration and work allocation rather than depending on rigid structures and detailed task description that might not work well for your set up.


At TransBee we learn from our experience, as we have been providing on-demand project management services for diverse clients, assisting them on varying projects of type, size and scale. Project management is as much as art as it is science and our skills rely on what we have learned over time.


Our project management team can help you coordinate successful launches. We can work with your team from planning to project kick-off and deployment. We have even helped business in post-launch evaluation to ensure the goals of the projects are met.


We understand the importance of time frames and why it is crucial to ensure completion of individual task in order to complete the whole project on time. Project progress is best achieved with the use of set milestones. We will help you monitor your project progress by using milestones for scheduled control over the project.


Tracking cost is another function, often vital as it needs to be deployed within limited financial resources. An effective project management requires a tracking function to be put in place that acts like a dashboard to indicate when the project is late or over budget.


We constantly work closely with you to revise the plan as we uncover a deeper understanding of your business and project goals. We have helped our clients to break-down tasks in terms of man hours, schedule tasks and steer the project back on track to fall within the agreed timeline.


For small business and startups, projects can be deal-breakers if not managed well. Successful completion of project is essential and we are here to assist and ensure that you do things well. Whether it is setting up your new company website or content strategy for your business, we are here to implement project management processes, techniques and tools that work best for your project and your business.


Get in touch today, our project management services are tailored to help you move quickly and improve your project performance. You can now move at the speed of your ideas.

Our secret recipe for effective project management

Our experience in employing agile methodologies in project management that resonates perfectly with the agile manifesto written over a decade earlier, as quoted here from


  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

  • Responding to change over following a plan


Our experience in practicing project management using few agile methodologies includes Scrum, Kanban and Lean development.


Tools and Apps we use

Handy tools and apps for project management, real-time collaboration, planning, time tracking and communication:


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