How do small businesses leverage the power of outsourcing?
We believe that in order to scale any business, one needs to have keen attention to customers and their business objectives.

Our approach here is to provide the best of our expertise & skills to help you seamlessly fuse outsourcing for improved bottom line. We demonstrate this with 3 simple steps. Identify, Create & Collaborate.




Help you figure out what to Outsource.

Help you streamline and standardize the process.

Work towards the goals.




Every good conversation starts with good listening. Before we jump start with anything, we believe in listening to you! We listen to understand the uniqueness of your business and your needs.


While we listen, we attempt to review your business by separating your business system into a series of value-generating activities. This then helps us to visualize your business as a value chain, comprising of a sequence of activities which ultimately result in a level of value for your customers.


We further explore the current boundaries of your organization, analyze the opportunity to outsource (against our internal capability) and its importance in the value chain.




These activities would widely range across the 3 layers of your business:


  • Management activities: Activities that paves the strategic path of your business.

  • Core activities: Activities that create the product or service of your business.

  • Support activities: Activities that support your business operations.


We then encourage you to evaluate these activities with strategic factors including cost, efficiency, criticality and span of control.


This is usually done with a simple exercise by listing these activities against their approximate time per week per activity, your current resources, current efficiency matrix, current cost and its process criticality.


At the end of this step, we empower you to figure out what activities, tasks or project could be outsourced at reduced cost and maximum process efficiency.


Even when you have the right people in the right job, it is equally important to have the right systems in place. We look at systems as structures around which the different parts of the work are framed and worked upon. Creating effective internal systems that align with your business process is where our core competence lies.


We believe in providing our team with an effective structure that supports the interest of delivering better results. We take advent of the Web 2.0 tools wherever it enhances the quality of the service we offer and to improve your overall outsourcing experience.


When creating a process for outsourcing the previously targeted activity/task/project, we design it for the future with close relevance to your strategic goal. At this stage we even encourage you to optimize your process and knowledge areas for effective outsourced execution before the transition begins.


We define the process with the space for collective learning along with your team.  We state the relationship strategy on how to coordinate diverse production skills with the key touch points in your organization. Once we do it right, we believe the process will run by itself, systematically and predictably.


By defining processes, it becomes easier to deliver our services more quickly and efficiently. It also gives us the opportunity to improve our delivery without sacrificing quality and consistency.


At the end of this step, we create and streamline the processes to be consistently better rather than occasionally be great when outsourced.



Good collaborators tend to be effective outsourcers. Right from the beginning we realized that only collaboration can yield best practices in the capabilities and processes of outsourcing itself.


This belief then led us to create a collaborative partnering model, aimed at creating relationships and deliverables for the benefit of your end-customers. We do this by being flexible; sensibly adapting to change in a manner that keeps all your activities, tasks and projects on track.


Our core theme of collaborative outsourcing is aimed at accelerating time to value. We do this with integrating Podio, a collaborative and project management tool, at the heart of our internal work allocation and project management system.

For those who like to keep

things simple!

For other who want to be a part of our collaborative workspace.

We keep your convenience at our first priority!


You need not learn anything new to start outsourcing with us. We will align our project manager and team members to your way of working.


We will do it the old school way, by keeping all communications on emails/phone/chat conversations and will adapt ourselves and our workflow in accordance with your existing project managerial tools and systems.


However, we will still continue to document all your work and hours usage in our internal system and keep you updated from time to time. We document the knowledge aspect of working on your activity/task/project internally within our internal secured system to ensure consistent back-up is created and maintained.

We invite you to join our team with Podio’s collaborative workspace.


We create customized collaborative workflow and environment using Podio to work with you and your team.


Think of Podio workspaces as a place where you can monitor, assign and have direct visibility and control on how your project and deliverables are executed.


With this workspace, you and your team members will get to assign new projects and deliverables, see the status and keep all project specific communications and results in one place.


Also, get complete access to the hours billed and everything remains transparent, even on how your hours are consumed by just logging into your Podio collaborative workspace right from any device.

At the end of this stage, we collaborate together with the set procedure to work towards your goal as a team. Enabling us to accelerate transformational growth for your business.

Keep the momentum! Podio mobile app now available for iOS and Android.

Keep track of projects and conversation on the go with our shared collaborative workspace.

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