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For aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals to try our service.


  • Hours can be utilized for any services that we offer.
  • Contact us, if you're planning to utilize the hours for specific assistance at any activity level of your business.
  • You get complete control over how we spend your hours on your tasks/project.
  • There is no limit on how many pro trial hours you can purchase.
  • Unused hours can be utilized any time for the period of 1 year from the purchase date.
  • Fair use policy applies.

Monthly Pre-Paid Plans
For growing businesses and startups of all size.







HOURS / mo


HOURS / mo


HOURS / mo


HOURS / mo


HOURS / mo

Hourly Rate

Hours Rollover


All unused hours


$120 / mo


  • Complete Rollover: All unused hours get carried forward for next month*.
  • Hours can be used to consume any service we offer**.
  • Project Manager is assigned to a single point of contact.
  • Unlimited users: All your employees/team can avail our services under a single monthly plan.
  • NDA on request.
  • Fair use policy applies.
  • All monthly plans are billed in advance at the start of each month.
  • The option to choose Podio Collaborative Workspace to ensure complete control over project management and real-time status of your hourly consumption.





All unused hours

All unused hours



$275  / mo

$500/ mo

Exclusive Pricing

Exclusive Pricing

Top Questions About Pricing

How do I pay?


As a growing business, we use PayPal to create, send invoices and to request payments. We do not ask for your credit card details and neither do we keep your sensitive financial credentials with us. When you sign up for monthly pre-paid plan or purchase pro trial hours; we send you out an automated payment request or invoice via PayPal. You will receive the same to your registered email address within an hour.


Paying us via PayPal is faster, safer and more convenient. We bare all the PayPal transactional fees and deductions. There are no hidden charges. You just pay for the plan or coupon as listed on this page.


For our customers who subscribe to the monthly pre-paid plan, we will be sending out payment request or invoices via PayPal on the first of every concurrent month.


What is the difference between Pro Trial Hours and Monthly Pre-Paid plans?


Think of our pro trial hours like purchasing extra air time from your telecom service provider. For every purchase of pro trial hours, you get a fixed number of work hours to use our amazing services. If you think, you might require more hours, you could simply purchase additional pro trial hours.


Pro trial hours are a great way to evaluate our service and to witness the Transbee difference. You get to use your hours for a period of 1 year from the purchase date. Yes, for a complete 365 days!


Monthly pre-paid plans are regular monthly subscription we offer for growing businesses of all sizes. We offer the best hourly rate for the committed number of work hours you outsource to us. Subscribers of monthly pre-paid plans don’t have to get into any long-term commitment with us. You just pay us in advance on a monthly basis for your plan. You can discontinue our service anytime by just giving us a 20 days' notice.


You could always utilize any of our services that we offer with both pro trial and monthly pre-paid plans.

How long do I get to pay the invoice upon sign up?


For your convenience, you could take up to 5 business days to pay your pending invoices from the invoiced date. Subscribers to our monthly pre-paid plans also get up to 5 business days to pay their monthly invoices from the invoiced date. All plans and pro trial hours are invoiced in advance.


Start working with us from the moment you sign up with us. We believe that good work that creates value, always gets paid on time.


Why do I pay for all the hours in advance?


As a growing company, we follow a very lean workforce. We aim to grow along with you!


Having said that, we sell all our hours in advance and keep all our resources lean. By doing so, we believe in eliminating any wastage in our business model that does not add value to our customers.


This keeps us lean and able to grow our business with maximum acceleration along with you.


Any money back guarantee or refund?


We do not offer any money back guarantee or refund for our services. Our team believes in creating value for every penny you spend with us.


In any situation, if we fail to meet the quality at work, please write to us at quality@transbee.com. We will ensure to look into your concern seriously and on subsequent discussion with you, we will consider a compensation or free hours to earn your goodwill.


Does Transbee offer annual plans?


We do offer annual plans that are paid in advance with an exclusive discount.


Get in touch with our marketing team (marketing@transbee.com) to receive a discounted annual plan today.

Got more questions on our plans, pricing and services? Explore our FAQ page.

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