Market Research

An effective marketing research is the core for any growing business. You could determine the need for your product/service, target market demographics, competitors advantage, prospective clients, their unmet needs and many more.


Our team will assist you all aspects of your research activities from survey response aggregation, data analysis and result visualization/presentation.


One thing that is almost certain is, in order to make any business idea into a profitable business, it is essential to be realistic. In order to move to the next stage, you will need reliable information in understanding if your idea is really wanted and needed by your target market?


Whether it’s with undertaking a new business project or producing a new service or product, it is becoming more and more essential to make decision on information and data that is relevant to the market. You will need to know if there’s a market for your service or product, who your potential customers are, how much are they prepared to pay and most importantly are you going to be able to profitable from what people are prepared to pay?


Even further, it is important to know the current and near future customer buying habits. With the rise of disruptive technologies and fast moving trends, your product or service could go in and out of trend as quickly as never before.


Sometime for entrepreneurs and startups knowing your market is even more important; if you need to raise capital for your business or even to qualify for receive financial support from banks or private investors.


Market research is gaining more perspective in recent times for businesses of all sizes, industries and markets. It needs to be a part of your business strategy and intelligence. It needs to be carried out in numerous stages from pre-launch onwards and periodically as your business grows. An objective and well executed market research will enable you to test everything from ideas to even perceptions and helping you to foresee the viability of your business.


Internet is playing an increasingly important role in market research, by leveraging small business around the globe to have access to information and has become a cost effective way even for large organizations.


Desk research is becoming very cost effective for businesses as it can be sourced on the Internet and relies on existing subscribed market data sources. In the light of new technologies and effective online tools, small business owners and entrepreneurs have now access to execute a DIY research all by themselves. These DIY methods have also enabled us to carry out cost effective quantitative online market research, making it possible to analyze the data in real time.


Even the inclusion of social media research could provide a unique insight into your consumer behavior as their interests would have a direct impact on your brand. As the world gets drawn closer and closer, people are more confident with giving their opinions about things.


Secondary research on the other hand will give you a background look into your market and shed light on the success of previous services and products, customer’s previous purchasing habits, preferences, intent and ownership.


The success of any market research completely relies upon reliable data, unbiased views, valid results and factual figures.


For small business owners and startups, the wealth of information at their disposal has given birth to a series of barriers to overcome. The real cost with DIY research is not just the expenses out of the pocket but the time it takes to design, implement and to deliver effective results.


At Transbee, we don’t just offer our time but our passion to transform your business while assisting you and your team with various market research activities. Our market research services offer a range of services from internet research, content research, data capturing, digitalization and even help you with accurate compilation of your market research findings.


From finding ideas to data points for blog postings, we have helped personal branding professionals to keep them upbeat with the latest development in their industries. We have helped entrepreneurs develop and validate their MVP (Minimum Viable Products) with effective use of online survey tools and platforms like Mechanical Turk from Amazon. With the minimum viable product approach we have assisted entrepreneurs to validate and deliver the minimum features that early adopters will use.


We have even orchestrated multi-variant or A/B testing process to unlock customer preferences for digital marketing campaigns and web design effectiveness.


For most of it, we understand the importance of objective market research and we are passionate about driving meaningful results that transforms your business. Though we aren’t a full service market research agency, we could even help you find the right one!


Get in touch today; we love to push ourselves with our market research services, to make it possible for small business owners and entrepreneurs to compete on a near level footing with larger organizations.




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