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It's widely seen that when small businesses try to leverage their marketing yield through technology, they still overlook the gap existing  between their own marketing and sales team.


This is very much evident in the time taken by small businesses to respond to a lead. Even when they do, their follow up attempts before giving up and moving on is not justified. With a combination of awareness, right mind set, best practices and technology, you will now be able to respond immediately and persistently to leads like never before.


Collecting leads and managing them are the initial stages in any sales process. Leads then needs to be worked upon to qualify them as potential customers.


Significant importance also goes to the conversion strategies adopted by your business. The strategies in place for conversion also need to evolve from time to time within your customers’ context. It’s an ongoing task to test and analyze your conversion strategies to hack your business growth.


Finding a most suitable customer who actually finds value in your service or product offering, is all that you need to reduce your churn rate and this will eventually be an important factor for a more efficient business. A decreased churn rates relate to the decreasing number of subscribers or customers who are discontinuing the relation with you as a customer.


Large part of the reason why leads never convert is due to lack of lead nurturing. A lot of activity goes after leads are generated. For a better understanding of leads, it’s important to find more about their interests, location and level of relevance with your service or product. This could be hours of time spent mining publicly available social media/classified  content. Our lead conversion assistance service could help you cut through the social media noise by helping you collect more relevant information about your leads.


Lead management softwares are on the rise and are adopted across a variety of industries. Our team will collaborate virtually with cloud based marketing management tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Podio, Pipedrive, Nibble, Intercom etc. And help you to schedule, track and optimize campaigns.


Lead segmentation is another set of activities that we could offer by assisting you in creating comprehensive reports by lead activities, leads by introducers, campaign type and source.

Our team will fit into your existing pre-sales workflow and will free your staff to focus on conversion instead. Reduce administrative costs and save time by automating your conversion process with defined processes set in place for our team.


Whatever business you are in, from technology consulting, insurance, real estate, healthcare, eCommerce, financial service, automotive sales to even higher education; our team will assist you in capturing, nurturing, closing and analyzing your leads at every stage of the funnel.


You could even use our service to lead every closing, to more customers. This is achieved by collecting and using testimonials and feedback that will eventually drive new customers closer.


You might just never know, your business might not need additional leads or prospects. Instead it could be a better workflow to handle your response or a better lead conversion flow altogether.


How ever your process is defined, your valuable salesforce will never again miss out on leads and be more efficient with the time to response on sales requests. Quick and efficient lead response also comes with its own benefits, most important benefit is the impression you leave on your leads. This helps in further reinforcement of the trust they would have on your product or service you are trying to sell.


Do you need a helping hand with your sales pipeline? Together we can create and execute an effective lead response workflow that drives results?


We would love to hear about your unique needs and would offer the best of our lead conversion assistance specific to your lead conversion workflow.

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