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You run your business from Virtual Office or Home Office

For those of you who don't want to hire an employee or just don't want someone else working in your home office, start delegating all your routine tasks with us and shave hours off from your workweek.


Save time and focus on other key tasks that further your business goals.


Unlock the potential and run your complete business virtually with our 'done for you' service offering that are not limited to scheduling, managing emails, online research, database entries, preparing weekly industry knowledge preps, chasing businesses, customer relations and online marketing .


Need a helping hand to weight lift your business virtually? Contact us today!


You are an Aspiring Entrepreneur or Startup

Entrepreneurship is not always DIY (Do It Yourself). In reality most aspiring entrepreneurs and startups really stall the growth of their business with a DIY belief.


We encourage you to look at outsourcing as a strategy not just reserved for big business. Today, technology has made outsourcing more accessible for everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs, stratups and to even growing firms.


Start taking advantage of outsourcing and slowly build your business with our virtual team by your side. Our services includes helping you find a niche market, develop and test your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), attract customers/ideal clients, building a sales funnel and online research.


We offer our assistance behind the scene and make a powerful impact on your growth, productivity and bottom lines.


As an Entrepreneurial company, we ourselves take risk and we inspire others to achieve big ideas. We do this by figuring out what help you need and how to turn your ideas into thriving business.


Increase your efficiency and speed your time to market with outsourcing.  Contact us today!



You are a Personal Branding Individual

You are at the best face of your career. You have served different companies; developed an excellent cache of skills. Now you are now planning to catapult yourself in creating a personal brand for yourself.


Don't let time and necessary skills stop you from building a cult 'brand you'. We make it our mission to ease your entrepreneurial worries, especially when you are the face of your brand.


Leverage our service to create a brand for yourself that breaks the clutter and communicate directly with your new potential customers or get noticed by your new employers.


Create your own service offering not limited to video editing for YouTube, creating professional looking cover art for your social media profiles, scheduling your blogs/post/tweets/events, personal website creation/maintenance, executing your email campaign and to even online research for refreshing content.


Make time for more productive pursuits and focus on your core service with our team behind you. Contact us today!


You are a Busy Professional

You are a working professional and your work doesn't leave you much time to explore your passion; those extra hours really matter to you to stay competent.


You need help staying organized and to acquire continuous knowledge and skills at work.


Drop the hunt for a freelancer or virtual assistant who are just taught to complete tasks in time. We offer the best of our personalized services to assist you with all those activities which can be virtually executed.


We aim to go beyond your expectations of virtual assistance by adding value through intelligence and sense making. We achieve this through project managers with cross domain expertise and our collaborative project managerial tool ensures nothing slip through the cracks.


Experience the Transbee difference! We are beyond virtual assistance. Contact us today!

You run your own eCommerce Business

Starting and growing your eCommerce business typically comes with a series of obstacles and frustrations.


Passion for your industry can be a great source of motivation to push you through the challenges that might arise. However time is valuable at every stage of your eCommerce business and running through the process manually might not always prove valuable further on.


Our service offerings are aimed at helping you accelerate your time to market. This involves helping you choose an eCommerce platform, setting up your eCommerce website, branding assistance (to make your store look better online), managing inventory, order processing, fulfillment tracking and customer support.


You could even reach out to us for specific needs of your business. We have helped entrepreneurs validate their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) through landing pages, A/B Tests, Ad Campaigns and even helped them collect crucial data to test different pricing levels. We have witnessed these initial preparations and tests reveal answers to the most important question; on whether your customers would really use and pay for the product line you are building.


The possibilities are endless when you could create your our outsourced services to help you start and run a successful eCommerce business. Contact us today!

You are a Realtor?

Over the years, Realtors are falling into common trap of doing everything themselves. You might be reluctant to delegate any of your tasks and seem to prefer wearing all the hats in your Realtor business.


However, when it finally gets to the point where you can no longer be able to juggle all your day-to-day operational tasks; you end up less focused on growing and worse you might not be making enough money being in the game!


Imagine your capabilities when you have a virtual team behind the scene, executing all your ongoing tasks that earlier prevented you from prospecting and selling.


At Transbee, we give you the flexibility to schedule as few or as many hours of assistance per week as you need. Create your own virtual team at Transbee and get assistance on: property listing, database management, prospecting & lead research, document/contract management, data entry, spreadsheet creation/management, content research for property web pages, creating/maintaining listing websites, drafting presentations for sales meet, photo editing of property snapshots, executing newsletter marketing, create marketing tools (flyers, brochure, contact letters, etc), email management and scheduling sales meets.


We encourage you to gain more focus to grow your client base and sell more properties. Enhance your efficiency and effectiveness by building more pipelines and drum up your business with outsourcing.


While working with Realtors, one of the most understood uncertainty of hiring a virtual team are as follows:


1. The Cost involved in training them to adapt to your existing workflow, tools and systems.


2. The Risk of losing knowledge when your virtual team members change.


We offer 'free training time' to lessen your pain of experiencing our capability. All hours spent on coaching our team in order to adapt to your business is completely waved off!


As for the risk of losing knowledge, we understand the importance of systems over people. We continually strive to keep our processes more streamlined and less people dependent with an on-going backup. We get this done with a 'shadow team' on the bench who are also trained to work in a rotational shift to ensure continuous backup.


You would still enjoy the benefit of having a single point of contact who will overlook and be accountable for all your work. We will pro-actively mitigate the risk by documenting your knowledge base and diluting the people dependency to work on specific tasks.


To take your business to the next level, consider how many tasks are time-consuming, routine and overwhelming? Get all those tasks and routine activities off your plate by delegating them to your new virtual team.


Focus your time and energy on more profitable activities and transform your Realtor business toward growth. Contact us today!

You run your own Travel Business or Vacation Rental Business

Today's travel and vacation rental businesses offer a wide array of services to individuals, groups and corporate clients. Besides running your business, there are a number of ways you could put your passion of travel at work with outsourcing.


You might be running a home based business, be an independent contractor, be a specialty travel firm, franchise business or into corporate traveling. No matter what type or travel business you're in, there are certain tasks you can expect to do regularly, if not daily, in the course of running your business.


Most part of these ongoing tasks like; qualifying clients, maintaining records about clients travel preferences, managing booking/inquiries, managing your website/online leads, networking, coordinating corporate bookings, payment followup's, itineraries/travel scheduling, event coordination, acting as travel advocate, coordinate with advertisers, etc; can be easily outsourced to your virtual team.


Thanks to the Internet you will now be in command of all these tools to outsource; that used to be available only at traditional brick-and-mortar travel agencies.


Package and tailor your own service to the need of your business and reduce your overhead expenses with your own efficient virtual team. Contact us today!

You run your own Hiring or HR Firm

For companies large or small, the hunt for the top talent never ends. So is the potential for your Hiring or HR business to grow!


Whether you are Retained/Executive search firm, Full Scaled RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Firm, Specialized Staffing Agency, Headhunter or a Senior HR professional; there exists possibility for you to optimize your day-to-operations for improved bottom-line.


Chart out those activities and tasks that can positively impact your efficiency or that of your proficient team and delegate them to your new virtual team here at Transbee.


These activities that could be executed virtually include; sourcing/screening the profiles through portals, candidate profiling, drafting job descriptions, scheduling interviews/meetings, calendar management, preparing weekly industry knowledge preps, database management, payment follow-ups and online research.


We are not a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm, meaning we do not take over your end-to-end recruitment process for your business. Instead we offer you with our time to work on all those activities that divert your professionals from concentrating on your core functions.


Save time and effort of your skilled staff and make them more efficient with our team by their side. Contact us today!



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