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Small businesses are well behind their big competitors when it comes to eCommerce. Yet as long as people are purchasing from their home or mobile devices on the move; online commerce will continue to provide a huge range of opportunities to individuals and small business owners.


From the very first step of choosing the industry, a viable product, manufacturers/vendors, to even setting up their website or choosing an eCommerce platform; increasing small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are wanting to crunch online competition with a thought-out use of outsourcing.


Once more, thanks to digitized work and virtual collaboration, ‘outsourcing’ is on the lips of eCommerce owners and bootstrapped startups.


With the advance of online shopping, eCommerce is a huge multi-billion dollar industry attracting more and more individuals and small business owners to sell their product and services online. Though being a very lucrative and sophisticated market opportunity, startups and entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to reach out to their customer audience and in creating that striking brand or product exposure that they intent to.


To add on, early the stage of business, crucial will be the decisions to make the right choices. Meaning many online entrepreneurs have the least time available to test the waters within their lean budgets.


All these reasons explain why more entrepreneurs and eCommerce owners are depending on virtual assistance to outsource and effectively launch their commerce and even further: Put their entire commerce operations no cruise mode.


Transbee eCommerce assistance is exclusively catered to work as a digital extension of a eCommerce business operation. Our services include a wide variety of tasks and activities from setting up web front (using popular Do-It-Yourself (DIY) eCommerce platform), to online marketing and even preparing preps for business competitive landscape.


Here is an overview of most operational and on-demand activities that our team is assisting eCommerce businesses with:


  • Web store management to ensure all internet sales channels are updated and running smoothly which includes updating product range, updating special pricing, product bundling, cross selling tweaks, updating promotions/discount sales etc.
  • Online marketing of store front, includes routine updates to improve identity on web and to connect more cost-effectively with customers on social media. Extending the reach with organic search engine optimization techniques, content marketing and ongoing interaction with customers on social media.
  • Order processing assistance; includes retrieving order online, follow up on back-orders, order case resolution etc.
  • Outsourced assistance and backup in Customer service will further strengthen  the business to actively interact with customers on the product queries, order time-lines, billing complaints, customer education on returns/exchanges, resolving general product complaints and even CRM management.
  • Logistics and fulfillment assistance involves extended help in coordinating inventory records, updating incoming goods, facilitating order pickup and delivery schedules, processing return requests, archiving records from system, retrieving monthly sales statistics to even preparing sales forecast.


As Marketplaces are taking eCommerce by storm, they are also enabling more and more small business owners to bring their products on the web. However for most, managing their storefronts or pages on multiple market places has become a nightmare. Though having products listed on multiple marketplaces increases its reach and sales, it does add to the turmoil to keep everything in sync.


Our Multi Channel Commerce assistance will ensure all products and inventory is updated correctly by their availability across all the multiple web storefronts and marketplaces. We will work along with the team and identify key areas and systems that best fits the business and make your multi channel commerce strategy a success!


Another important areas where our team has been helping eCommerce owners is with scaling their business to handle seasonal peak volumes and demands. Thanks to our pricing model, eCommerce owners could easily upgrade or downgrade their monthly hours plan in advance and harvest such peak seasonal demands to their advantage.


Right from the ideation of our business, Transbee has helped a range of clients with eCommerce needs, from startup companies and individual owners in the following industries:


  • Electronics & appliances
  • Video production and distribution
  • Collectibles and retail religious products
  • Fashion jewelry and Home décor


By seeking Transbee's eCommerce assistance, business owners can now focus on improving their core business and on growing their revenue.


Get the extra time needed to convert the traffic into paying customers by spending those extra hours in more strategically important activities of your business; while your commerce operations are left uninterrupted by being outsourced to us.

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