Our Brief History


  • Around the summer of 2013, our founding team met each other with a vision to create an entrepreneur business to fit into the gap that existed in the outsourcing industry primarily to serve the small businesses and non-employers segment in the US.

  • With vivid experience in the top level management of top notched virtual assistance firms in India, the first founding board was formed to create Transbee - a brand that would truly differentiate us in the market filled with fly by night outsourcing and VA firms.

  • Transbee came into existence as a registered Private firm, completely seed funded by its founding members.

  • We spent a year researching the scope of this market particularly the US and started testing our hypothesis to arrive at an impressive business model and service offering.

  • In the spring of 2014, the first team was handpicked from the best b-schools in India and we were lucky to offer personal assistance, digital marketing and web designing services to domestic as well as an international client base while representing ourselves as a startup firm in Bangalore.

  • It was the passion for the industry that pushed our founding team to adopt a lean methodology to grow our business. This move helped us to keep our pricing affordable to all scales of businesses. This was one of our crucial factors that led to a steady stream of referral clients with whom we balanced our working capital requirements and most importantly validate our MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

  • In March 2015 after proving our capabilities with a handful of clients,  we spun off our first official website.

  • The rest is history in making before your own eyes!

Our Logo


We work to transform your business for optimized growth with our brand and services while you get to focus on building tomorrow's enterprise.

The name 'Transbee' is a portmanteau, a word formed by combining two parts and their meaning together in a single new word.


'Trans' is a prefix denoting an act of transformation derived from its primitive meanings like 'across', 'through', and 'changing thoroughly'.


Obviously, the 'bee' refers to the common flying insect that closely relates to wasps and ants; and is known for its qualities that represents the foundation of our brand.


Qualities like, ability to achieve extraordinary things by working together, being resourceful, adaptiveness to its surroundings and far more importantly, the spirit of honest communication that is at the heart of the bee's community.

Our logo was designed to include the 3 different elements; the hexagonal edges, the symbolic representation of the bee and colors.


From bee's honeycombs to the shape of the columnar basaltic rock formation, the hexagonal pattern in nature due to its efficiency. The 6 edges that were adopted are that of a truncated hexagon shape (tilted hexagon). The 6 edges form the arrow heads symbolically reflecting our aspiration towards gasping the global reach of our brand and service offering.


The symbolic bee at the center, reminds and brings to the mind the qualities of the bee; apt for every aspect of outsourcing. Our quality of working together in virtual collaboration, ability to be resourceful and adaptive with whatever resource/time/budget is available and our spirit of honest communication with our customers correlate perfectly to that of the bees.


The colors used in the logo are yellow and white. Yellow is the color of sunshine, associating with energy, joy, and happiness. We choose yellow to stimulate a warming effect depicting the very ease of outsourcing experience with us.  White associated with light and innocence, it depicts the honesty and transparency at work, while driving positive change towards growth in your business.

Our Mascot


Bubbles, we call him! He is going to be your friendly bee and our official mascot at Transbee.

Bubbles came into life transcending through days of sketches and our thoughtful attempt to create a character that strikes a brand recall.


The anatomy of bee was fairly complex and we did boil our share of creative thinking to come up with Bubbles - a bee one of its kind.


Bubbles' big round eyes and welcoming smile might sure have grabbed your attention worth remembering.

Tell Us What You Think!


As a growing business committed to continuous learning, we love to hear your views and feedback on every aspect of our identity. Please write to us at leadership@transbee.com

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