Administrative Service

We merely don't provide assistance; we take ownership of specific activities or tasks that can be accomplished virtually without the specific need for physical presence.


Our team will help you plan, direct and coordinate resources and activities specific to the responsibility assigned.


Let’s face it, finding good reliable help has always been a challenge. For those who

multi-task, sitting down on mundane administrative tasks would cost them much more than just their time.


These tasks could be day to day, back-office activities that are again inevitable to be ignored. The wide-range of these tasks from general administrative duties to scheduling appointments tends to get cumulated as you keep pushing them to the corner. By setting aside these tasks for a later time, only adds to the turmoil.


The most common advice you get around is to find someone to do the tasks for you. It could be paying your employee a few hours a week to complete the tasks for you or even consider delegating the tasks to a virtual assistant to start with.


The essence here is for you to make time for work that matters. By eliminating or delegating the tasks, you will now find more hours in the day to work on more value adding activities for your business.


The fact remains that ‘you’ are very valuable to your business than an administrator.


As a vicious cycle, more and more business owners and professionals find themselves clung  to tasks of administrative nature, that instinctively make them feel busy. This then leads them to add more responsibility onto their shoulder while they are unknowingly loosing track of their vision for their business or career.


With the advent of affordable technology, more and more tools and systems are now available to either help us automate or to make it possible to outsource to a virtual assistant (VA). Web technology has improved collaboration capability and has been streamlining communications ever since. Besides, it is time for business owners and professionals to take advantage of outsource these tasks before they drain their passion and energy at work.


Unlike any other workarounds, technology and human element brings forth its own challenges. The whole process of outsourcing may end up being tedious. Sorting out activities which need to be kept within your control from those that could be outsourced is far more crucial even before you make the decision to outsource.


At TransBee, we believe it is more important to understand the purpose of these routine tasks and why is this inevitable? It's only when we understand the underlying complexity of the activities that we will be able to improvise a better way to outsource them.


Even with mundane tasks, it is very crucial to have a set process in place and to understand the purpose of why that task would matter? This serves as good information for us to assist you better, by seamlessly executing these administrative tasks on your behalf.


We understand that taking ownership and keeping you updated in real time is the essential for better execution of such tasks. This is exactly what sets us apart from personal assistance and virtual assistance firms who are just trained to complete a task without understanding the underlying goal and importance of these activities.


Our administrative services are designed to help you unload all your mundane activities with the help of web solutions. With our strong background in helping business owners from different verticals, we are confident to bring you back the hours for the work that matters for your business.


With ensured backup and single point of contact, your routine administrative tasks will be carried out at its best with no scope for surprises or hidden costs.


So what makes us different?

  • Ownership: The key to an effective delegation of any work is the act of ownership. Being accountable for the work is what our team is taught from day one.  The sense of being responsible brings forth a greater focus towards the delivery of the work.

  • Your Preference First: At times than knowing what you do, it is more important to know how you do it? We understand that every business is different and so are everyone’s preferences. We aim to be aligned to your preference from communication to timeline.

  • No Surprises: When it comes to outsourcing, last minute surprises are a big NO! We believe that effective communication is crucial for success and follow zero tolerance to batter communication break-down. This helps us narrow down the room for any assumptions and never to shock you with a surprise.


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